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Detailed NICETT certified fire protection designs.  We can handle anything from complex deluge systems for high hazard areas to state-of-the-art preaction systems for minimizing water damage, to the most common of wet pipe systems 

Professional Installation


 When contracting Elite Fire Sprinkler Systems as your contractor to install your fire protection systems, you receive a team of experts who install code compliant systems to meet your schedule and within your budget. During every step of your project, from design to installation, our experts provide solutions for your fire protection needs. 



Fire sprinkler systems need to be inspected per NFPA 25 code requirements to insure that your system will perform properly in the case of an emergency.  Our licensed inspectors will take care of you and of the documentation that is needed. 

Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Iowa City, Waterloo, Davenport and surrounding cities.   

Backflow Preventer Inspections


An annual inspection is a must for your fire line or domestic backflow preventer.  Our licensed technicians will insure that your cross contamination device is working properly. 


24 Hour Service 319-200-2277


We service all types of fire sprinkler systems in all types of facilities with licensed & NICET certified inspectors.  


  • Inspection per NFPA 25 Standards
  • Main Drain & Water Flow Alarm Testing
  • Fire Pump Tests
  • Internal Pipe Examination & Flushing
  • Check Valve Inspection
  • Winterization
  • Report Completion and Agency Filing
  • Inspection Tracking and Reporting
  • 24/7 Emergency Service


The number one reason a sprinkler system fails is due to a shut control valve that should be in the open position.  Are your valves in the correct position for operation?


quality fire protection design & installation

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NICET & OSHA certified & experienced team

Local 669 National Sprinkler Fitters Union

new construction & renovations

commercial, institutional & industrial facilities

fire sprinkler inspections

fire pump testing

certified backflow testing

24/7 emergency service

Our experienced professionals are committed to your safety and fire protection needs 24/7.